Top tips for staying on track during the holidays!

5 Strategies for staying healthy and on track during the holiday season

We all look forward to the holiday season, and one of the best things about it is the exquisite food you’re surrounded with. When friends and family members gather around the table, it’s easy for your healthy lifestyle goals to slip your mind. When it comes to trying to minimize the damage as much as possible, here are a few things you can do. 

1. Do not snack in between meals 

One of the best guarantees that you don’t exceed your calorie intake drastically and end up spending the entire holiday season stuffing your face is to only eat 3 times a day. Even if you end up eating 3 big meals, full of dishes you don’t usually eat, it will still help you monitor the amount of food you consume in total and keep the damage under control. 

2. Eat high protein meals 

Being full can really help you reduce the amount of food you eat. So, try to focus on having your meals filled with protein in order to keep you full for longer periods of time. There’s no point in trying to go for just veggies and salad, only to find yourself starving an hour later, and nibbling on some leftover Halloween candy or stealing a dollop of chilled cookie dough. By having high protein meals and drinking lots of water before attending a party, you can still enjoy some delicious food, feel satisfied, and reduce the amount of guilt.

3. Intermittent fasting 

One other way that seems to work for many people is fasting for a minimum of 16 hours a day and only having meals within an 8-hour window. While it would usually be recommended to still eat healthy in your eating window, some people eat whatever they like during those hours and still manage to stay on track. That’s because the fasting hours prevent you from snacking and also help your body burn more fat. 

4. Work out a few times a week 

Yes, it is a wonderful time of the year, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. Even if you’re visiting family, many places have gyms or parks where you can exercise, or you can even go for a run in the morning. If you find that too difficult to plan amid all the festive spirit, consider taking walks with your loved ones, or walking to all your destinations—most likely the grocery store! That way, you can squeeze some more exercise into your day. 

5. Moderation is key 

You’re on holiday, so it’s okay to give yourself a break, but just remember that moderation is key. Instead of eating a whole chunk of peppermint bark, you can take a smaller piece. Instead of drenching your mashed potatoes in half a cup of gravy, you can have a few spoonfuls. Give yourself the chance to taste everything, but you don’t have to get full portions. 

The holiday season can set you back big time if you don’t focus on staying healthy, but don’t be a party pooper. Just concentrate on not exceeding your calorie intake and try to fight the temptation as much as possible. If you fail, just remember to take small portions and limit the amount of damage you’ll be doing to your body. 


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