The First Thing to Focus on to get Back in shape


After giving birth, most of us are focused on adjusting to life with a newborn and trying to get our bodies back in shape.

However, when it comes to our bodies, there’s one important area that most of us tend to forget and when we fix this area first, it will support all of our other fitness goals.


If you’ve been pregnant, you most likely remember becoming short of breath quicker than normal.  When I was pregnant with my twins, I will never forget climbing one flight of stairs and I was so short of breath.  Normally, this would not even phase me!  


But, as the baby grows, the diaphragm is pushed up and ribs are pushed out, making it very difficult to get a deep breath.  The growing baby takes up a lot of space where the diaphragm and ribs usually are, therefore greatly affects our breathing. 


Correct breathing is difficult and takes practice after having a baby. 


When women are recovering after giving birth, the NUMBER ONE THING to fix first is… breathing! Yes, you read that right!  Not the core or pelvic floor, but focus on the breathing...and here is why:


Breathing is the basis of our entire system. The diaphragm and pelvic floor work together with our breathing.  We cannot have a functional pelvic floor without a functional diaphragm. 


Let’s do a very quick check of your rib mobility and breathing.  Put your hands on your waist.  Take a deep breath in- do you feel your ribs expand in the front, side and back?  If so, great-that’s what you want!


We will be diving into some videos and exercises over the next few weeks to help correct breathing postpartum. 


In the meantime, start making it a practice to check in on your breathing a few times a day.


Take a deep breath, mama! You can do this and I’m cheering you on! 


Committed to your success,