Eating healthy while maintaining a household of little ones and their 24/7 demanding needs is no simple challenge.  I'm a working mom of 3 little ones, so I have had my fair share of trying times during my postpartum health journey.

Staying on track with our overall health and wellness while juggling the many different hats we wear everyday as mothers is difficult and overwhelming.  So, let’s break it down into a few simple steps we can incorporate into our routine to make things more manageable.

 I want to show my children how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle- while exercise and self-care are important, so is nutrition. 

Here are my 4 tips for healthy eating as a busy mom:

1.) Always keep healthy snacks in your home.  Keep them in the frig or throw them in your purse while running errands.  My favorite healthy snacks include fruits, veggies, nuts, dark chocolate and protein bars.  Having quick healthy snacks you can grab on the go will decrease the likelihood of you stopping for fast food!

2.) Meal plan and prep.  Set aside time each weekend to prepare healthy meals for the week- and NO, this does not mean spending all day cooking.  Utilize your crockpot or Instapot!  We make the majority of our food over the weekend so we don't have to cook again until the end of the week.  This way, we are not cooking almost every night.  Remember, if we fail to plan, plan to fail.

3.)  Invest in a quality Protein Whey.  I use Protein Whey daily in my morning smoothies or overnight oats.  It's a simple and fast way to get about 20-25 grams of protein to fuel your body and keep you full for hours!

4.) Drink plenty of water: aim for half your body weight in ounces if you can. Cut down the sugary drinks and soda.  Carry your water bottle around with you at all times.  Buy a large one and try to keep track of how much water you are drinking. It’s easy to get dehydrated and feel fatigued if we are not drinking an adequate amount of water.

Those are my top tips for busy moms to eat healthier. It definitely is a challenge and every week isn’t going to be perfect- we all know that.  Keep in mind incorporating small changes in your daily habits will add up to big results!

Motherhood is hard, it’s that simple.

But you’ve got this- just keep going!

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